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Front End Web Developer

Solon Gee

Hello! I'm a musician turned web developer based in Toronto. Let's be creative!

About Me

I am a front-end web developer with an aptitude for creative problem solving, and a desire to work in inclusive and collaborative spaces. My background in the hospitality industry and music education has given me the ability to be receptive and flexible to different ideas, perspectives, and changing demands. Being a musician and creative person has made me suitable to workplaces that demand continual study and ability to work on a team.

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image of Trivia Time! app

Trivia Time!

Quiz app using the Open Trivia API and user input to generate a quiz. React used to dynamically render and change elements on the page, and Firebase used to store high scores.

an image of Nygma Machine app

Nygma Machine

A game where the user must cross a trap-filled maze in order to find the nygma machine, a mysterious device capable of dispensing helpful advice! Created as a group project with Hal Forrest, Corey Hamat, and Brian Canuto.

an image of Choose Your Villager app

Choose Your Villager

An app that allows you to search all villagers in the Animal Crossing video game franchise based on user criteria. Created in collaboration with Jasmine Patterson.